Toronto Counselling & Psychotherapy – Demian Brown

Hi, I’m Demian Brown, MSW, RSW.

I’m a Toronto Psychotherapist at Yonge and Bloor.
For 11+ years I have been helping others to better cope with issues such as:

I have appeared on TV programs like eTalk & CBC Evening News as a mental health consultant educating the public about therapy and mental health issues in relation to the stars. In addition I was interviewed for articles published in This magazine fashion magazines and featured in a documentary about divorce now in post production editing.

I provide professional psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals and couples from my location in central Toronto (corner of Yonge/Bloor). My psychotherapy office provides a safe, secure, and confidential setting.

My therapeutic philosophy is about providing therapy to help people use their identified strengths to address current challenges and long-standing issues. It is important to explore your unique way of being with yourself, others, and your environment.

With sensitivity and compassion, I help individuals bring understanding to a wide range of life challenges and psychological distress, creating new paths and directions for developing personal and interpersonal awareness.

My emphasis is on integration of different approaches to bring together what is most helpful for the unique needs of my clients.  I also place the utmost importance on the relationship that develops between us as a vital factor in our work together.

My psychotherapy sessions are eligible for insurance coverage for those who have extended health care benefits through their employer.  Please check your group benefits plan for details of your coverage.

For those who do not have insurance (or for when insurance coverage runs out):  under certain conditions I have sliding scale fees.  If you have coverage to see a Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist, then you can use your benefits for counselling services with me. Even if your plan specifies only Registered Psychologists, social workers with a Psychological Practice like mine may still be covered.

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